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David Wilcox - Older - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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David Wilcox - Older - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
David Wilcox
		   For all you guitarists out there, here's my transcription of "Older."  I'm not
sure if this is one of David's originals or a cover.  I'll probably put a copy
at the Nevada archive too for safe keeping.  As usual, there may be mistakes
and I take full responsibility for them, but I'm pretty sure most of the chords
are correct.  Feel free to send comments.

Pick 'n' grin,



                            by David Wilcox(?)

                    transcribed by Bill Boroson 3/17/95

Tune: 6 = D   3 = F#
      5 = A   2 = A
      4 = D   1 = D


D  Edim/A  Gdim  D  Bm7  G+2  G+2/F#  Emaj  A  A+2  A"  Dsus4 D

D      Edim/A  Gdim      D     Edim  Gdim
Older.            I grow older.

        D    Bm7  G+2
Getting wiser, everyday.

G+2/F#        E
'Cause when I fall down now

        A           A+2   A"
I don't jump back up.

         Dsus4 D      [A] Edim  Gdim
I let 'em count to eight.

D      Edim/A  Gdim       D     Edim  Gdim
Slower.           Getting slower.

      D    Bm7         G+2    /F#
I have lost    a step or two.

It's time to face the facts.

      A            A+2      A"
Buy a pair of plaid slacks

                   [G] [F#] [D]  [A] F#dim
'n sit around like old guys do.

'Cause when I go out late at night

To have a beer

G                           F#
  I sit and wonder why my friends aren't here.

                  Bm   Bmaj
Is this a joke on me?

                                 Em     Eb  Em
They're all home playing with their families.

I am the oldest person in this bar

                      A*        G/A               D/A
And I am drinking with children on a field trip to observe me in

my habitat.

D      Edim/A  Gdim       D     Edim  Gdim
Quiet.            It's so quiet

      D    Bm7          G+2    /F#
In my house    when I get home

I got three mean fish,

      A         A+2  A"
And a yellow dog.

         [G] [F#] [D]  [A] F#dim
I do not live a - lone.

When I close my eyes at night

  F#             G
I feel so small

Like I never really loved at all.

                             Bm    Bmaj
'Cause if I did I'd have some proof.

                   Em      Eb     Em
Another life or two beneath my roof.

It's just a bad recurring dream I have

                         A*        G/A
When I suspect I have misspent my youth.

D/A                    [A][G][D]  Edim  Gdim
Could have fooled me too.

D        Edim/A  Gdim      D         Edim  Gdim
Childish.           It's so childish

      D  Bm7          G+2      /F#
To resist     the dying light.

But I'm still the same.

          A      A+2     A"
Some things never change.

             Dsus4  D       [A] Edim  Gdim  Bbdim  Dbdim  D"
I wanna stay up     all night.

Letters in brackets [] represent notes, not chords.

Chord Fingerings:

        6  5  4  3  2  1
A       x  0  2  3  4  x
A"      x  0  2  3  0  x
A*      x  0  0 5/7 7  7 (slide 5th to 7th fret on 3rd string -- like the intro
A+2     x  0  2  3  2  x                                      to Fire and Rain)
Bbdim   x  x  8  7  7  8
Bm    9  9 12  x  9  9
Bm7   x  2  0  0  0  x
Bmaj    9  9  9  9  9  9
Dbdim   x  x 11 10 10 11
D"      0  0  0 12 12 12
D       0  0  0  0  5  4
Dsus4   0  0  0  1  0  0
Eb      x  6  x  x  6  5
Emaj    2  2  2  2  2  2
Em    x  7  x  x  7  5
Edim/A  x  0  2  1  1  2
F#      4  4  4  4  4  4
F#dim   x  x  4  3  3  x
G       5  5  5  5  5  5
G+2     5  x  0  3  5  x
G+2/F#  4  x  0  3  5  x
G/A     x  0  0  5  5  5
Gdim    x  x  5  4  4  5     
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