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David Wilcox - Farthest Shore - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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David Wilcox - Farthest Shore - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Farthest Shore
David Wilcox
		   Farthest Shore
David Wilcox (c) 1994

        D            C            D
We were there in the woods by the water
            D                            Em
We left our packs up against that willow tree
              Em                                 Em7
We dove right in, keeping just what we were born with:
          Em                      A
(all) Our Memories, Knowledge and Dreams

D          C            D
As I swam away from our possessions
  D                            Em
I imagined that they were gone forever more
        Em                  F#m     Bm
And for once I was glad that all I treasured
               Em                         A
Would still be with me as I reached other shore. G

    G                    A
    Let me dive into the water,
            D                  Bm
    leave behind all that I've worked for
       Em             A           D
    Except what I remember and believe
        Em     A            D        Bm
    and when I stand on the farthest shore
    Em          A     C
    I will have all I need

After the blaze burned our cabin down to ashes
Where we'd slept warm, now the sky lets in the rain
I found the strings, frets and rusted latches
But I will never hear that old guitar again

These four walls are only in my memory
Where these stone steps rise to nothing in the air
G one last look and I'm headed for the river
To wash my hands and try to say this prayer [repeat chorus]

        Em                        F#m
When my time to live this life is over
            G                           A
I'll tip my hat when I think about that swim
       Bm                                    C
And of all the things that make a life worth living
          Em                          A G/B A/C#
That only come to those who dive right in
[repeat chorus]

Let me dive into the water
It's all I need     
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