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David Rovics - аккорды, тексты

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David Rovics - аккорды, тексты

Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Страна: США
Даты: 10.04.1967 - ...

David Rovics (born April 10, 1967) is an American indie singer/songwriter. His music concerns topical subjects such as the 2003 Iraq war, anti-globalization and social justice issues. Rovics has been an outspoken critic of former President George W. Bush, the Republican Party, John Kerry, and the Democratic Party.

Rovics is critical of the United States government's policies and claims that the "U.S. government's foreign policy represents U.S. corporate interests" and that "the U.S. government does not like democracy either at home or abroad."

Although some of Rovics' work is not self-published, and much of it is commercially distributed, Rovics has made all of his recorded music freely available as downloadable mp3 files. He encourages the free distribution of his work by all non-profit means to promote his work and spread political messages, and speaks out against websites or programs like iTunes that charge money for downloading his songs. Rovics has also

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Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • Troubador [альбом]
  • Make It So [1996, альбом]
  • We Just Want the World [1998, альбом]
  • Hang a Flag in the Window [2002, альбом]
  • Return [2003, альбом]
  • Who Would Jesus Bomb [2003, альбом]
  • Songs For Mahmud [2004, альбом]
  • Waiting for the Fall [2005, альбом]
  • Beyond the Mall [02.2005, альбом]
  • For the Moment [03.2005, альбом]
  • Halliburton Boardroom Massacre [05.09.2006, альбом]
  • Har Har Har [09.2008, альбом]
  • Waiting for the Fall: A Retrospective [2009, альбом]
  • Ten Thousand Miles Away [09.2009, альбом]
  • Ten New Songs [2010, альбом]
  • The Big Red Sessions [28.02.2011, альбом]
  • Meanwhile in Afghanistan [02.09.2012, альбом]
  • Everything Can Change [18.05.2013, альбом]
  • Into a Prism [02.07.2013, альбом]
  • Spies Are Reading My Blog [04.11.2013, альбом]
  • All the News That’s Fit to Sing [01.07.2014, альбом]
  • When I’m Elected President… / Wayfaring Stranger [28.11.2014, альбом]

Концертные альбомы:

  • Live at Club Passim [2000]
  • Living in These Times [2001]
  • The Commons [2007]


  • Pay Day at Coal Creek [1998, сборник]
  • Behind the Barricades [10.2003, сборник]
  • Falasteen Habibti [30.07.2014, сборник]
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Black Flag Flying
Democrats Make Me Wanna Vomit
Im A Better Anarchist Than You

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