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David Phelps - Love Goes On - аккорды и текст, видео

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David Phelps - Love Goes On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Love Goes On
David Phelps
Intro: D Em C G x2

            D             C     G
A shooting star tumbles down
      C             G
It's flame cannot endure
            D           C     G
A scarlet rose withers brown
     C                 D
To lose it's fragrant lure
The moon illuminates the night
To vanish at the dawn
         C     G     D
Oh but love, love goes on

D Em C G x2

          D         C        G
Fortunes fail and disappear
       C             G
Like castles in the sand
             D               C    G
And power spoils and causes fear
      C                  D
But yields to stronger hands
Fame lasts for a moment
Then in a moment, it is gone
        C               G
Oh but love, love goes on

     Em                 G
Oh, beauty fades and passion wanes
     C                 D
And faces show their years
      Em                     G
Oh, death steals a lover's touch away
      C                  D
But time dries up the tears
Tunes are soon forgotten
      G                  D7
And singers lose their song
  C          D
But love goes on

   D              C        G
A baby boy, a starlit night
      C           G
Kings on bended knee
          D              C      G
Healing hands bringing sight
       C             G
Then tortured on a tree
A woman sings, rejoicing
"He is risen, he is gone"
      C       G        C
Because love, love goes on
     C        G   Em   C
Oh love, oh love goes on
Добавлено: 09.05.2016
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