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David Fonseca - I See The World Through You - таба, видео

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David Fonseca - I See The World Through You - таба, видео

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David Fonseca - I See The World Through You
Artist: David Fonseca
Tabbed by: Alvaro Blanco Cobián

 version 1.0

Band: David Fonseca
Song: I See The World Through You
Album: Dreams in Colour
Tabber: Alvaro Blanco Cobian (

   I was surprised by the few songs of David Fonseca that you can find in

internet. Maybe this Portuguese artist is not well known as he should.
Anyway I wanted to tab this song because when David sings in this slow way he

does it as the best. So this is just an approach to the definitve tab. There are

little variations that I didn't get, but this tab is good enough for playind the

song more or less as he does.
   If you have any suggestion contact me by my website

So, David plays the same schema the whole song, even during the chorus, I didn't

find any variation.

Capo at the 3rd fret!!!!

      Am                C                G         G      Em

Well, this admits some improvements, as it is just the first verion,

Any suggestion or comment, whatever:
Добавлено: 04.07.2012
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