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David Bazan - Weeds In The Wheat - аккорды и текст, видео

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David Bazan - Weeds In The Wheat - аккорды и текст, видео

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Weeds In The Wheat
David Bazan
A bit tricky to get the timing down and sing, but sounds awsome on a slightly 
overdriven guitar, or an acoustic.  
Play it in Barre chords it is easier and sounds better.  
I tried to give direction as to what fret to play barre at that sounds best to me, 
experement and let me know.
Go see him live... will make a fan out of a critic.. 

David Bazan
Weeds in the Wheat-live at the Grey Eagle

G       G7                       F
God bless the man who stumbles
G       G7                       F
God bless the man who falls
C(at 8)   C7             F         G      G7      F
God bless the man who yields to temptation

God bless the woman who suffers
God bless the woman who weeps
God bless the children trying her patience

Bb(at 6)          Ab           F#
Trouble getting over it is what you're in for
So pour yourself another
 Bb(at6)         Ab                      Eb(bar at 11)    C# (bar at 9)
‘Cause it'll take a steady pair of hands

Holy or unholy ghost
Well now I can't tell
But either way you cut it
You should get some distance if you plan
To take a stand

G        G7              F
God bless the house divided
G        G7                 F
God bless the weed in the wheat
C               C7        F       G       G7        Bm(bar at 2)
God bless the lamp lit under a bushel

C(bar at8)     A             Dm             G
I discovered hell to be the poison in the well
     Cm(at3)              F                G7  G                
So I tried to warn the others of the curse
C(bar at 8)                 A   
But then my body turned on me
Dm             G                Cm            F
I dreamt that for eternity my family would burn
Bb                           D(bar at 10)
Then I awoke, with a wicked thirst

Verse Chords with woah woahs

Bb                Ab                  F#
By my baby's yellow bed I kissed her forehead
And rubbed her little tummy
Bb               Ab                       Eb
And wondered if she'll soon despise the smell
Of the booze on my breath, like her mom
Bb              Ab                 F#               Ab
Through a darkened mirror I have seen my own reflection
Bb                                Ab
And it makes me want to be a better man
Eb                C#
After another drink

God bless the man at the crossroads
God bless the woman who still can't sleep
God bless the history that doesn't repeat
Добавлено: 14.05.2012
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