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David Alan Coe - This Bottle In My Hand - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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David Alan Coe - This Bottle In My Hand - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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This Bottle In My Hand
David Alan Coe
Another great song from the pen of DAC. Yet another written for George Jones.
hey performed this as a duet on his first greatest hits album. (For The Record)

Tuning: Standard 

G  3    C 0   D  2    C/B 0    Dsus4  3   Gsus4  3
   0      1      3        1          3         1
   0      0      2        0          2         0
   0      2      0        2          0         0
   2      3      X        3          X         0
   3      X      X        3          X         3

(you may find it plesant to augment this with C/B  Gsus  and Dsus as passing chords
but they are not integral to the song I provided sketches but they are not actually
in the song)

G                                        C
Last week he spent his whole paycheck on whiskey
           G                   D          G
And I know Friday night he'll do it all again
         G                                     C              G
Oh he'll drink 'til he falls down     and then order one more round
                           D             G
and then go home with that bottle in his hand

             G                              C            G
and the only thing I can hold onto is  This Bottle In My Hand
I know I'll never have to share it  with any other man
        G                               C            G
I'm so glad you introduced us and I'll do the best I can
                       D             G
To be faithful to this bottle in my hand

N/C       G                                C              G
She told George that changing diapers could sure become a drag
and to clean the house and cook for him was not her kind of bag
     G                              C                G
she said he needed someone who would love and understand
                                 D             G
and then she left him with this bottle in his hand

(repeat the chorus and upon outro)
G                              D              G
Yes we'll be thankful for this bottle in our hand
Добавлено: 08.03.2012
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