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Dave Mcpherson - Mortals - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dave Mcpherson - Mortals - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dave Mcpherson
INTRO: A, E, Db, E x2


B                Db
You were walking across hot coals
B                Db
 And your split my heart in two
B                              E
 Then you used both halves as sandles
 Db  B   A
 And the valves as candles


 Db, B, A(x2) x4
 I'll never forget you

Verse again
Refrain again

Breakdown, I guess...
 A       E                 Db
 I blame myself and no-one else
 I should have grown up sooner
 A                     E
 I should have let her go
 And let her know
 I was looking through her.

 G    D          A
 I'll never stop believing
 G        D          A
 And you, never stop dreaming
 G                D
 I know I fell I could not stop
 And now I am a laughing stock
 G             D        A
 I know that I let you down
 I let you down

 A D             G 
 I struggle with it
             A                E
 I'll always make excuses for it
        Bm               G       A
 If you saw me would you wave or look straight through me like a ghost?
 Bm                      G
 Would you even visit my grave
        A    E
 Do you even know if I'm alive?
 Who knows...

G     D         A
I'll never stop believing etc

OUTRO (Whoa, whoa): C, Am, F, G
Добавлено: 25.12.2015
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