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Dave Matthews Band - Dreams Of Our Fathers - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Dave Matthews Band - Dreams Of Our Fathers - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы текста: Dave Matthews, Glen Ballard
Dreams Of Our Fathers
Dave Matthews Band
Track 4: "Dreams of Our Fathers"
Album: Everyday
By: Dave Matthews Band
Tabbed/Transcribed by: Zack Parsons

This is all my own work. And work it was :). It's Dave.
Anyway - This first part is the verse. It's hard to keep
up with at first, but just listen to the record and get
in the 'groove' of the song. Listen to the tempo and just
wave your picking hand at that same speed. Worry about the
notes secondly. I couldn't decided which sounded better: playing
the A or D string open (7th*/8th* note). Whichever you like, play.
Also, he hits a few additional open strings, I think, that I
didn't take the time to tab out. Just waving your hand at that
tempo should make you hit them inadvertently anyway :). Enjoy.

-- Standard Tuning. --

Verse thru-out song.

E -2------------------------------------------
A --------2-------O*------------------------
D --2--4---2--4-----2*-----------4--2--4---

CHORUS: A, D, G, F* (I don't know what to call it offhand.)

F* = (2/x/O/2/x/x) - Remember Trippin Billies/Too Much/2 Step?

I followed Dave's vocals more than I did the guitar.
It makes a great live/acoustic effect with the whole vocal/guitar
harmony. (For the Bridge.)

(Barre) G, F#, G, A, G, F#

Whew! That's all there is to that. I know it's not perfect,
so if you have any corrections/comments post 'em. (This is
the first tab I've posted, by the way, so be gentle.)
If anyone actually finds this to be useful/a good tab,
by all means, let me know at -or- Thanks, all and have fun with it!
(Hey! Ethan, Tyler, Tom, Jon, and everyone else who's suffered
through my incessant playing, hehe.)
Frustration is a byproduct of effort, and pride the product.

Добавлено: 06.10.2013
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