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Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick And Tich - Wreck Of The Antoinette - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick And Tich - Wreck Of The Antoinette - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wreck Of The Antoinette
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick And Tich
Spoken:  Full fathom five, on the seabed she lies, the Antoinette.

C                              F         C
I sailed with the dawn and the wind blew free
           F              C
'cross the bright shining sea,
       Em         G           F    G
and it filled the sails of my Antoinette.
Good-bye home and the one I love,
F                                      G
put my faith in the sky and the stars above,
'cause there's nothing in this world I wouldn't bet
on my Antoinette !
C                             F        C
She carries her name, and for you I'll try
      F              C
to be strong or I'll die,
         Em      G            F       G
and I'll find my grave in the rolling waves.
Ride on baby, don't you let me down,
F                                      G
ocean's big and you don't wanna see me drown.
                                     F                C
But a bitter rain begins to beat the deck of the Antoinette.

See the rain come lashing,
there's a sudden flash of lightning on the foam, hold on, Antoinette ! 
The ocean rounds in fury
on a man who fights against it all alone, keep on, Antoinette !
    F                         E
She goes down with a sigh and with her his last cry,
     F            G
Antoinette ! Antoinette !
C  F  C

C                               F         C
Dawn breaks on the sea, and the long dark night
          F          C
now gives way to the light,
       Em      G            F    G
and no trace remains of the Antoinette.

Deep she lies on the ocean floor,
F                                       G
far away from the girl who waits by the shore.
                                        F                 C
Does she know her love is buried in the wreck of the Antoinette?
      C              F
Well, deep she lies, deep she lies,
     C       F    C
Antoinette ! Antoinette ! 
Добавлено: 21.06.2016
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