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Dave Clark Five - Its Not True - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dave Clark Five - Its Not True - аккорды и текст, видео

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Its Not True
Dave Clark Five
  The Dave Clark Five 1965
From the Coast to Coast album

Intro: B E

E           B 
Oh it's not true (it's not true)
B                       E
That you're breakin' my heart (breakin' my heart)
E                  B
Cuz I haven't been blue (haven't been blue)
B                     E
Since our love fell a-part (our love fell apart)
E              A                               E
So I'm tellin' you-oo-oo, that since I've been free-ee-ee
E            B       A                 E   A B B A E
I've been as happy as (as a bird in a) tree

E           B
But now I'm longin' (now I'm longin')
B              E
To see if it's true (to see if it's true)
E        B
The only person you'll hurt (you'll hurt)
B         E
It's only you (it's only you)
E                 A                            E                       
Late at home each niiight, when you promise to call
E                   B    A                 E
But you know that I won't (its against my) rules

But if you really want me back again
I sit right down and I think I've been wrong
F#                                 B
It doesn't take much to lower your pride
B                     E   A B B A E
And you'll never be a-lone

E                 B
So remember these words (remember these words)
B      E
That I sayyy (that I sayyy)
E               B
Now you turn me over (turn me over)
B       E 
Send me the pain (send me the pain)
E         A                   E
Make each day-ay-ay, that I'm blue-oo-oo
E                  B            A 
That you think I'm crawlin' back

                E   B
(Baby it's not) true
                E   B
(Baby it's not) true
                     E   B E
(Well baby it's not) true

Words in brackets in last line of verses and outro are spoken only with no chords played

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