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Darryl Worley - Pow 369 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Darryl Worley - Pow 369 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pow 369
Darryl Worley
I got this from

**Capo fret 2**

Intro: (this progression and picking style goes into the verse)

   (D)         (D/E)      (D/F#)         (G)        
E ---------------------------------------------0----|
B -----3-2-3------3-2-3-------3-2-0---0----------3--|
G ---2-2-2-2------2-2-2-------2-2-2-2-0-------------|
D -0------------0-----------0-------0--------0------|
A -----------------------------------------2--------|
E ------------0-----------2--------------3----------|

Verse 1:
I was flying down the highway
Weaving in and out of traffic
      D/F#        G
I was racing time
An old man pulled out in front of me
And I went crazy as can be
D/F#           G
I lost my mind
Em                         A
I blew my horn till I got close enough to see
    Em              D/F#          A           Asus  A
And what was on his car-tag sure convicted me

D    D/C#  D/A          A
P  O  W    three sixty-nine
G          D/F#               Em7       A
I should salute you from this heart of mine
      D            D/C#        D/A          A
And thank you for placing your life on the line
    Em       A  Asus A
For me, I'm free
D               D/C#           D/A    A     G
I pray that the rest of your journey is a peaceful one
            D/F#                 Em  D/F#
And may you take your own sweet time
    G      A
Mr. P O W three sixty-nine


Verse 2:
The things we take for granted
In this life we lead are tragic
      D/F#        G
We should be ashamed
He left his home and family
And cast his fate across the sea
D/F#           G
Would we do the same
Em                         A
Well I sure bet he's got some stories he could tell
    Em              D/F#          A           Asus  A
Ain't that many ever made it back from hell


Em     D/F#                G
Let me thank you one more time
    Em   D/F#  G           D (end with intro chord progression)
Mr. P  O  W   three sixty-nine
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