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Darkseed - Downwards - текст песни, видео

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Darkseed - Downwards - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
I'm walking down this way

without an aim, without a course

I sometimes find an open door

to rooms that show me trivial thoughts

I see wastelands in Your heads

without ideas, without respect

I blame mankind

Your road leads downwards

into sinful life

Down and down the steps You fall

Tears they fall like springing rain

down onto the poisoned earth

Thoughts that love the routine life

push me out of Your door

A tree's my friend just loving me

despite it's wounds bleeding free

And the sun is blind,

happy rays are gone

The tree is dead...

I blame mankind
Добавлено: 25.05.2012
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