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Darkane - The Creation Insane - текст песни, видео

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Darkane - The Creation Insane - текст песни, видео

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Falling through the heart of darkness
Your nightmare has just begun
Reflections of personal experiences
Has forever darkened the sun
Being in a terrifying state of mind
Desperately trying to open the eyes
Absorbing with fear, this horrific world
Observing when the last day of my soul dies

Displayed in grotesque ways
A hell for those who are there
Hiding in a personal dark place
Why do you even care?

No - No one really want to
Know - We're turning out backs
To - evil reality
So - we live our secure
Lives - Not aware of what happened on the
Outside - In the true world that we live and
Die - with no contribution at all

Disbelieving in the sense of compassion
Living in a lie that is built by ourselves
Caring for each other is out of fashion
Destroying what's good is an easy escape.

Our minds forever eaten by
The world as we know it
The lame attempts, the creation insane.

There's no difference between you and me
Blood on our hands will never set us free

Watching a violent act from a distance
With no intension to put it to an end
A victim in fear begging for assistance
But you are not there for him to defend
While walking away you can hear his screams
It doesn't move your heart of stone
But the cowardly decision will follow your
And the smell of fear is always your own 
Добавлено: 07.02.2014
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