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Darius Rucker - So I Sang - аккорды и текст, видео

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Darius Rucker - So I Sang - аккорды и текст, видео

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So I Sang
Darius Rucker
Credit goes to Koichi Kondo for getting this altogether. I just made it easier to read and play.

This entire song is slowly finger-picked. Play it how you think it should be 

   D                      Bm7                                  
I never was the biggest or the fastest guy
    D        Bm7                         G
I never hit a homerun when the game was tied
   D              Bm7                 G             
I knew from an early age I wasn't gonna be
   Bm7            A       G          
A doctor or the CEO of anything

      D       Bm7
So I sang, "She Believes In Me"
       G                   D             Bm7                      A
And I played, "Fire On The Mountain" 'til I made my fingers bleed
  G                          A
I tried to stand out from the crowd
    Bm7               E                 G      A
But most times I just struck out at the plate 
So I sang

   D                         Bm7                   
I wasn't cool enough to be a ladies man
D        Bm7                          G
It took me forever just to hold her hand
D                  Bm7                 D
First time we kissed, she whispered, I love you
      Bm7              A              G            
But I wasn't brave enough to say, I loved her too

     D             Bm7             G    
So I sang, "You Are So Beautiful To  Me"
      D             Bm7               A
And I played,.. every note to Faithfully"
G                   A
I loved her with everything
       Bm7              E          G     A
But I couldn't think of anything to say 
So I sang

G     A     Bm7        A  

D                        Bm7                        
No one believed in me as much as Mom
 D               Bm7                       G
See, she worked overtime to buy my first guitar
   D                Bm7              A                 D   
When the angels called her home, my sister asked if I would speak
              Bm7                    A            G        
But there were no words to say how much she meant to me 

     D            Bm7            G
So I  sang, "It Is  Well With My Soul" 
   D           Bm7                     A
And I played, "I'm So Tired Of Being Alone"
      G                       A
'Cause those were Mama's favorite songs
    Bm7                  E           G        A
And what I felt would take too long to say 
So I sang
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