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Dara Maclean - Only Grace - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dara Maclean - Only Grace - аккорды и текст, видео

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Only Grace
Dara Maclean

G                D
It's easier to love You
           A         D 
Than to ever love myself
G                     D
I'd be the first to forgive You
         A             D
But I can't forgive myself
      G             D 
I'm trying hard to let You know
       G            A 
I'm trying hard to let it go
But you can't hold broken 
A         D 
pieces together

Only grace 
     A                 G 
can mend and make me whole
      D         G      Em  A 
Only grace can restore my soul
But you can't earn the grace 

that took your place
          A                   Em 
And the blood that speaks for you
       D          A
Only grace, only grace can do that

G     D     G      A 

            G                     D 
You could spend your whole life haunted
       A                 D 
By a past that He's forgotten
    G              D 
If we could just receive it
        A                 D
Like a bird we would fly free
  G              A
Every gift the Father gives
     G              A 
He gives and gives again
It's got nothing to do with me and you
    G        A      D 
That's just who He is


G    D    G    A   (x2) 

Can you feel the grace
Pouring down like rain
  G                        A
It's almost too good to believe it
It overwhelms the shame
It's effortless change
G                  A 
Now can we just receive it
G  D  A     G  D  A 
Grace,      grace


            G    D   G   A 
You can do that
G  D  G  A                G     D
Grace,         you, you, you
G                    D  
Grace can do that

Добавлено: 08.08.2013
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