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Daniel Lanois - Sweet Soul Honey - текст песни, видео

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Daniel Lanois - Sweet Soul Honey - текст песни, видео

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she said, "baby, i know it's getting late"

you have broken walls, through so many gates

but there is one there that i think you've missed

it's evil eye will shine by a kiss

the acquisitions keep coming in

till the brain breaks out the skin

till the fingers don't know what to touch

and the heart beats double dutch

she said, "baby, i know, know it's so hard to stop"

your engine drive is the drug you've got

some kind of nomad blood running through your chest

some kind of nomad blood won't let you rest

but i want you like a turbo wants a charge

mama's milk never wanted this

chalk back sword and swallow her kiss

i will love you in the presence of doubt

i will love you when there's no food for your mouth

give up the ghost that won't let you go

you've got to get out before your second note

sirens ringing from the hotel window

dreams driving for a weekend salute

the bass drum pounds the load of a dusty road ahead

another strangled heart laying sad on a bed

you want to be special, you want to break darkened in, i know

you start to get stinking for fame, for taste of win

so i'm coming to you like a run away train

to you like ancient refrain

coming to you to dominate the money

let me be your sweet soul honey

soul honey

soul honey

soul honey

soul honey
Добавлено: 02.06.2012
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