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Daniel Johnston - Grievances - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Daniel Johnston - Grievances - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Daniel Johnston
Artist: Daniel Johnston
Song: Grievances
Album: Songs Of Pain (Volume I) (1981)

This was originally played on Piano, but these are the chords.

Intro: C  F  G

  C         Am      F                       G
If I Had My Own Way, You'd Be With Me Here Today

       C              Am             F                   
But I Rarely Have My Own Way, I Guess That's Why You Ain't Here With Me 

        Am    G     F
And The Librarian Said
 Am       G        F
You Can't Buy No Respect
         Am  G     F
I Said ‘Hey Lady, What Can You Expect
          Am    G      C           F  G  C     F  G
When I'm Lyin' On The Floor?'

          C                   Am            F          G
You're a Lovely Lady But You Don't Wanna Be No Girl of Mine
          C                 Am              F               G
And The Only Thing You Ever Did For Me was Help Me Waste My Time

       Am     G       F
And I Saw You At The Funeral
           Am            G       F
You Were Standing There Like A Temple
        Am      G        F    
I Said ‘Hi, How Are You, Hello'
       Am          G                C   F G     C    F  G  C    F G
And I Pulled Up A Casket And Crawled In…………Yes I Did!

C            G            Am            Em 
Climbed Up A Mountain And I Looked Around
F             C                      G
 Some Kind Of Circus with all them clowns
        C           G              Am           Em 
I Said ‘Hey Wait A Minute, Can We Slow Down A Bit?'
      F          C           G
And I Almost Got Hit By A Truck
              C        G                  Am          Em
Well It Just Goes To Show You That We're All On Our Own 
F                   C              G
 Scrounging For Our Own Share Of Good Luck
C         G              Am  Em
Stab Your Brother In The Back
F     G                  F  G  C    F  G  C     F  G  C
 And Pick Up Your Paycheck 

C              Am                      F           G
Goodbye Lonely Heart Jolene, You Never Did Work Anyhow
      C           Am             F                G
I'm Lookin' for a nice girl, and I don't want no Cow

Am    G           F
  I'm heading out west
Am      G           F
  Gonna Find Me The Best
         Am          G           F
‘Cause I Played The Game, But I Failed The Test
      Am         G           C               F  G  C 
If I Can't Be A Lover, Then I'll Be a Pest
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