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Danger Doom - The Mask - текст песни, видео

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Danger Doom - The Mask - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
*sniffs; clears throat*

Head on straight, mask on crooked
exit stage left with the cash, gone took it
off like a koufi, the fit was a bit doofy
he tried to get screwy, with that "two for you,
one, two for me, G," cut the cranky attitude
wet him like a handkerchief on a stanky fatter dude
whether you's a rapper or dang sanger
once you in the zone only one way out, like a gang banger
with a new crew keychain and street name
what set do he claim for fame, peep game
just to keep feta and stay dip
you need it like a letter or better a getaway whip
this old things rusted, encrusted as the gold rings the old kings busted
plan to end global starvation and fat her
now what in tarnation did I go and do that fer?
stuff happens, like gettin' snuffed for tough tit rappin'
see, I told 'em enough, quit yer yappin'
the same applied to any and all chumps
the only question he had for yall is how many lumps?
three or four? either or? mon cheri amour
see, why you need your heater for?
the super villain slid in your party for free
warn a emcee, get outta here kid, you bother me!


The day I took my mask off my face was missin' for two days
For the record, G, came back a year later, whole new identity
Tony Starks pedigree, my money green like my nickname was celery
Who is Ghost who flashes toast, never wore sheets but bulletproof coats
Oh no! the fans cry for the mask back on
Told 'em "Ghost is dead, he'll return at the crack of dawn"
Few years from now, him and his pals before the Jetson-era arrived
He'll be back summertime, 2000 and 5, with a half a face iron
The other half water look like alien science
In the summertime, you can see the face boil
But the other side I keep blue with the Penzoil
Mad loyal, when the wintertime come, (what?)
I get stuck 'cause my brain all numb
Like I ate a thousand icee's and frozen Pepsi's
Aquaman's pops can't water-check me, disrespect me, indirectly
I seen his feet and they both lefty, he's steppin' half correctly
As I stroll the globe and terrorize the planet
With a Bill Clinton mask and them Playskool hammers
Me and DOOM, always be the best on the landin'
Superhero's for life, until our souls vanish
Добавлено: 23.04.2012
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