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Dan Fogelberg - Sweet Magnolia - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Dan Fogelberg - Sweet Magnolia - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Sweet Magnolia
Dan Fogelberg
Subject: CRD Sweet Magnolia/Fogelberg

Sweet Magnolia
Dan Fogelberg (c) 1984

C   E7     Am7          Em7
Two hearts throwing off sparks
F7M          Dm7           F   G
Young and in love with our freedom
C   E7           Am7         D7
Moonlight, those soft summer nights
F            Gsus4   G  C
We were both ripe to fall

C E7  Am7       Em7
I was out on my own
F7M         Dm7           F   G
Playing for all who would listen
C   E7      Am7       D7
You were as free as a bird
F           Gsus4   G  C
flying from nest to nest

Am7                    Em7
But somewhere our eyes met
And our hands reached out
              Dm7     Gsus4 G
and we felt a kindred spirit
Am7              Em7
And as our faces touched
I could feel the fire
                 Dm7     Gsus4   G
And needed so to just be near it

C  E7          Am7        Em7
Oh Lord, those moments we soared
F7M          Dm7          F   G
Borne on the wings of our passion
C         E7        Am7          D7
It seemed then like they'd never end
    F               Gsus4 G   C
But times like that always must

Am7                   Em7
'cause then one day I flew
far away from you
                 Dm7     Gsus4 G
I never knew how I'd regret it
Am7               Em7
My sweet Magnolia belle
You know I loved you well
          Dm7   Gsus4   G
Even if I never said it

[Instrumental verse]

Am7             Em7
Magnolia, now I see
that freedom isn't free
                    Dm7     Gsus4 G
and love's the only true redeemer
Am7                     Em7
And when this journey's through
I'll be coming home for you
                    Dm7     Gsus4   G
If you'll have this foolish dreamer

C E7      Am7           Em7
I spend a night now and then
F7M             Dm7        F   G
Passing through town on my travels
C       E7
But someday,
          Am7          D7
I'm gonna come back to stay
    F         Gsus4 G   C
Magnolia, I'm coming home.
C  F7M   G7, C F7M   G7 C.
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