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Dan Fogelberg - Heart Hotels - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dan Fogelberg - Heart Hotels - аккорды и текст, видео

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Heart Hotels
Dan Fogelberg
Artist: Dan Fogelberg
Chords by: Louie A. Ebojo

Tuning: 	EADGBe

F7M  		x87555
Fm7		xx3210
Dm7		x57565
D7/F#		2x0212
D/C		x3x232
C		x32010 or
C9		x35533
Cm7		x35453
Cm7/G		335453

Legend: the sign (*) means an abrupt change in chord.

Intro: F7M  ,Dm7,C9,Cm7/G; (2x)

              F7M       Dm7
Well, there's too many windows
    C9       Cm7/G
In this old hotel
     F7M                Dm7      C9,Cm7/G
And rooms filled with reckless pride.
         F7M               Dm7
And the walls have grown sturdy
               C9          Cm7/G
And the halls have grown well,
               D7/F#          Fm7
But, there is nobody living inside,
 D7/F#          Fm7  (*G)
Nobody living inside.

   (1st verse chords)
Gonna pull in the shutters
On this heart of mine
Roll up the carpets and
Pull in the blinds
And retreat to the chambers
That I left behind
In hopes there still
May be love left to find
Still may be love left to find.

Interlude: C-D/C-Cm7-D/C-; (2x)

    (1st verse chords)
Seek inspiration in daily affairs
Now your soul is in trouble
And requires repairs
And the voices you hear
At the top of the stairs
Are only echoes of unanswered pray'rs,
Echoes of unanswered pray'rs.

Solo: (Do 1st verse chords)

	(Repeat 1st Verse)

Outro:	(Fade)
	(Interlude Chord Pattern)
	Ooh… ooh…

Добавлено: 10.07.2012
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