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Dan Bern - I Need You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dan Bern - I Need You - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Need You
Dan Bern
Intro: G Em C G

G                   Em       C            G
Walking around the happiest place in the world
G             Em               C            G
All I really know is that your hair is still curled
Bm                                     C     G
South of Brownsville, Texas, South of Miami Beach
G               Em                 C             D
All it means to me is that you're further out of reach
Bm                             C
Every where is sand and sun, blue sky water too

G Em C D
I...      need you

G Em C D (do this in between each verse)

G                  Em             C              G
Spanish moss is hanging and you find a polished stone
G             Em                 C       G
Pocket it for luck and then you walk on alone
G                  Em                C    G
They'll rent you a bicycle with the tires blown
G                        Em                C               D
They'll carve you up a blackened fish and strip it to the bone
Bm                                     C
A slave ship just came in, I've been talking to the crew

G Em C D 
I...      need you

G                   Em           C             G
Well in that house Hemingway is boxing in the back
G             Em           C              G 
I go to the library and check out all the facts
G                              Em            C          G
Nowadays it's hard to write a line, my own thoughts bore me
G              Em             C                  D      
I found me an island kid who says he'll do it for me
Bm                               C
I'm wiping all my tears away so no one has a clue
     G Em C D
That I...      need you

G                      Em              C          G 
The last plane out of Saigon did not know that it was
G                Em              C              G
Every man in prison thinks he's locked up for a cause
G                   Em          C            G
I need something to do , my violin needs to sound
G                   Em              C            G
I'm going to see if Ernest wants to go a couple rounds
Bm                                     C
Sometimes you gotta get lost till you wind up someplace new
G Em C D
I...    need you

A                             Asus                  A     Am    Am/G  F
Some bird's  flapping in the road on some crazy madman's string
A                              Asus                             A  C    D/F#  
Something's messed up with his wing, something's messed up with my everything

G               Em                C           G
So here's the truth at last, I tell you, Hemingway is dead
G               Em             C                    G       
And everybody wants to find a steak that's slightly red
Bm                                       C           G
I thought I could escape myself by just not getting dressed
G                  Em           C           D
I thought I could escape you by coming to Key West
Bm                              G                   C 
Sometimes you get lost and you don't find something new

G Em C D
I...    need you
G Em C D
I...    need you
G Em C D
I...    need you
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