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Dan Andriano - Hollow Sounds - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dan Andriano - Hollow Sounds - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hollow Sounds
Dan Andriano
"Hollow Sounds" from Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room's "Hurricane Season".

Pretty sure I've got this down 100% accurately. I hope it doesn't look too 
cluttered and that I've got the following chord names right, but just for safety 
I've included a tab of them. Placement should be correct for all the chords unless 
they got messed up in posting here. 

Gsus2(maj7)   Cmaj9
E|-3-|       E|-0-| 
B|-3-|       B|-1-|    
G|-0-|       G|-0-|
D|-0-|       D|-0-|
A|-0-|       A|-2-|
E|-2-|       E|-0-|

D add9 (referred to as C-slide because of how you play it in the song...)

Anyways, hope this sounds as good to everyone as it does to me!

G C C-slide Em Gsus2(maj7)G Gsus2(maj7) G

G             C     C-Slide
I wanna shake you down
Em  Gsus2(maj7)      G  Gsus2(maj7)                
And drag you like a cigarette
G                     C     C-Slide
No, I ain't smoked in years
Em      Gsus2(maj7)           G      Am
But the thought still gets my lips wet
C                  G
Now, easy does it, easy as it was to quit
Am                   Cmaj9-C
But I think I met my match
     D                  C
Am I ever gonna get you licked
Going, going, gone away
Em            Gsus2(maj7)      G            Am                     
From the only place I          ever want to stay
C              G
This road gets lonelier every day
Am                     G
I already asked you to wait
Am          Cmaj9-C   D          G-Gsus2(maj7)-G-Am-C
So how much more  of  me can you take?

C-Slide    Em    Gsus2(maj7)  G

G             C     C-Slide
I wanna light you up
Em       Gsus2(maj7) G   Gsus2(maj7)
Take you deep inside my lungs
G                                C       C-Slide
Where maybe you could shine your light inside
Em         Gsus2(maj7) G        Am
On all the damage that I've done
C                G
Maybe one day we might just get me fixed
Am                  Cmaj9-C            D              C
Or, at least better understand why I'm always getting sick
No don't go away
Em              Gsus2(maj7)     G            Am
You're the only face I          ever want to see
C              G
I hope one day soon you can depend on me
Am                            G
For more than just my ups and downs
Am                   Cmaj9-C         D      G-Gsus2(maj7)-G-Am-C
More than just these shaky hands and hollow sounds
C-Slide  Em            Gsus2(maj7)      G-Gsus2(maj7)-G-Am-C   C-Slide
         These shaking hands and hollow sounds          Yeaaaah
Em        Gsus2(maj7) G 
   These  hollow      sounds
Добавлено: 10.06.2012
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