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Damien Rice - Coconut Skins - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Damien Rice - Coconut Skins - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Coconut Skins
Damien Rice
			                         Coconut Skins - Damien Rice

Tabbed by: Ricky Cunningham

There's been enough tabs and chords up that are just about perfect,
but they're all missing the flick that's played throughout the song.

There are only three chords in the song overall, and all are simple
to play. The only difficulty is picking up the strumming pattern and
the timing of the flick.

The chords used are G, Dsus4/F# and Em. Everything is played quickly,
and there's plenty of emphasis on the higher notes (the G,B and e strings).

                               G                                Dsus4/F#

                               Em                               Dsus4/F#

The strumming pattern for all this is quite hectic, but pretty easy to pick
up if you play along with the song. These chords are played constantly
throughout the song, lightly with the verse, and more heavily as the chorus
kicks in.
                                           Verse 1

 G      Dsus4/F#   Em                                            Dsus4/F#       G
   You can hold her hand,                             And show her how you cry,

           Dsus4/F#        Em                                     Dsus/F#     G
   Explain to her your weakness so she understands,   And then roll over and die,

          Dsus4/F#   Em                                         Dsus4/F#   G
   You can brave decisions,                           As you crumble up inside,

                   Dsus4/F#   Em                               Dsus4/F#      G
   Spend your time asking everyone else's permission, And then run away and hide,


            Dsus4/F#   Em                                      Dsus4/F#      G
   Or you can sit on chimneys,                         Put some fire up your ass,

               Dsus4/F#     Em                                Dsus4/F#     G
   No need to know what you're doing or waiting for,   But if anyone should ask,

            Dsus4/F#      Em                                  Dsus4/F#      G
   Tell 'em I've been licking coconut skins,           And we've been hanging out,

            Dsus4/F#      Em                                   Dsus4/F#     G
   Tell 'em God just dropped by to forgive our sins,   And relieve us our doubts,

           This is followed by a bridge where the standard chord progression
           is played twice, with 'La's thrown in to accompany the chords.

                                           Verse 2

           Dsus4/F#    Em                                         Dsus4/F#    G
    You can hold her eggs,                               But your basket has a hole,

                  Dsus4/F#     Em                                       Dsus4/F#       G
    And you can lie between her legs and go looking for, Tell her you're searching for her soul,

                 Dsus4/F#   Em                                       Dsus4/F#         G       
    And you can wait for ages,                           And watch your compost turn to coal

             Dsus4/F#    Em                                       Dsus4/F#    G
    But time is contagious,                              Everybody's gettin' old,

           The final chorus is identical to the first, except the word 'waiting'
           is changed to 'looking', and 'licking' is changed to 'cooking'. The
           outro is just a repeat of the bridge, except longer, and the song ends
           on a G.

Hope this helps anyone looking to play this song right, not sure if it's 100%, but 
I don't think it's far off.
Добавлено: 25.07.2013
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