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Damien Dempsey - Kelly From Killane - аккорды и текст, видео

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Damien Dempsey - Kelly From Killane - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kelly From Killane
Damien Dempsey
Damien Dempsey 

Kelly From Killane

Double Drop-d tuning

Capo 3rd fret

        D         G       E7sus4    Asus4       Em    
d|--- --0---------0---------0---------0----------0---------|

Intro :

D - - - - Asus4 - - - - G - - - - D x2

Verse :

D                          G          D        E7sus4
What's the news what's the news Oh me bold Shelmalier

          D              Asus4         D             
With your long barrelled gun from the sea

D                       G               D         E7sus4
Say what wind from the south brings his messinger here

       D           Asus4         D
With a hymm of the dawn for the free

Chorus :

   G                              D
''Goodly news ''goodly news do I bring youth of forth 
       G               Em         Asus4
Goodly news shall you hear bargy man

        D             G              D            E7sus4
For the boys march at morn from the south to the north

       D         Asus4      D
Led by Kelly the boy from Killane

(Its goes like that the way through)

Tell me who is that giant with the gold curly hair
He who rides at the head of the band
Seven feet is his height with some inches to spare
And he lookes like a king in command
''Ah me boys that's the pride of the bold Shelmaliers
Among our greatest of heroes a man
Fling your beavers aloft and give three ringing cheers
For John Kelly the boy from Killane
Enniscorthy's in flames and old wexford is won
And the Barrow tomorrow we will cross
On a hill ore that town we have planted a gun
That will batter the gateway at Ross
All the forth men and bargy men march o'er the heath
With brave Harvey to lead on the van
But the formost of all in that grim gap of death
Will be Kell the boy from Killane
But the gold sun of freedom grew darkened at Ross
And is set by the Slaney's red waves
And poor Wexford stripped naked hung high on a cross
And her heart pierced by traitors and slaves
'Glory Oh 'Glory Oh to her brave sons who died
For the cause of long downtrodden land
Glory oh to mount Leinster's own darling and pride dauntless Kelly the boy from Killane 

If its anyway wrong please help me out, thanks.
Enjoy !
Добавлено: 03.04.2012
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