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Damien Dempsey - Canadian Geese Live - аккорды и текст, видео

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Damien Dempsey - Canadian Geese Live - аккорды и текст, видео

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Canadian Geese Live
Damien Dempsey
Hi hope you Enjoy this tab, for Canadian geese, Fantastic song in my opinion. I have tabbed the intro and 
chords (names of chords may been inaccurate??).
Also I've given a rough guide of chord placement with the lyrics. 
I have taken this from his live performance on youtube, "the saturday night with miriam version"

intro  Nah, na na... Nah
g-6---6-----6---6----8-----6      listen to song to get hammer-on rhythm 
d-7---7-----7---7----9-----7      based on the A* chord (05677x) and change
a-7---7-----7---7----9-----7      to B chord (07899x)

chords used

  A  E F#m C#m? G#m A*  for the verse an A major open       A major open  B7
e 0  0  0   0    0  0   can be used, if you prefer. I think  0             2
b 2  0  0   0    0  5   sounds well.                         0             0
g 2  1  2   4    4  6                                        6             2
d 2  2  4   2    6  7                                        7             1
a 0  2  4   4    6  7                                        7             2
e 0  2  0   0    0  x                                        5             0


A                    E

Down Kilbarrack road I head for the coast

F#m                           C#m      F#m               G#m          

As the northern estates close in, they close in on me so blatantly      

A*/A major open

A thickening of the skin

(the same pattern/chords for the rest of verses)

Verse 2
The inner city folk, they often spoke, with a tongue that was more like a fist
On the reservation six miles north of the slums that some still missed
We'd walk the train tracks, out to the haystacks
As the swerved towards a greener world under Baldoyle bridge
The gateway ridge
Our hay jump dreams unfurled

repeat Intro (Nah, nah nah, Nah Nah)

Verse 3
And the Belfast train nearly killed my friend Wayne
As it sped like a bullet flying
Carrying souls and dreams, like a time machine, back to 1690 mean time

Verse 4
On the flat of my back, in that field by the tracks
The Canadian geese flew by
In my mind I up and join with them
And we glide out to Ireland's eye
We can be free, with a little car key,
The rivers of tar can take us far
There are friends and lovers we have yet to meet
And tonight, they are watching these same stars


F#m   G#m     Amaj open  E       B7          F#m
I was born to wander and I'm not afraid to be free now         listen to the song to get the exact
                                                                changes, the chords to the left give
F#m      G#m      AmajOpen                                      you an idea. It stays on the same pattern
My heart grows far fonder for these streets                     until the "outro" which occurs from
E         B7           F#m                                      "do you dare to be free"
When your face I don't see now                                  
Why don't you drop everything tonight
And we can ride to the sea now
I'll always return but tell me


Do you dare to be free (from here on in its a chord progression of
                         F#m, G#m Amaj open repeated. listen to 
                         the way Damo sings it to get  a feel. Goodluck
                         if singing the last chorus and outro, he has some set of pipes)

Can we snatch victory from the jaws of these streets now
When these walls they close in
And your heart turns to tin
Lets escape to the sea now
I can see every face 
Broken ghosts of this place
And they hand us the key now
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