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Damien Dempsey - Bustin Outta Here - аккорды и текст, видео

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Damien Dempsey - Bustin Outta Here - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bustin Outta Here
Damien Dempsey
Damien Dempsey
Bustin Outta Here
Almighty Love Album

(I wouldnt know the correct name of the chords used but Im just naming them like this.)


Chords used on Verses =

        E       F#m11     E7M       Cadd9     Cadd9II   B7            

Chords used on Chorus =

        A        B11      A7M        Am

Intro :

E - - - - + (hammer on the high E string, then the B & the G)

Verse I

E                    F#m11
Your walls seemed so high

E7M                F#m11
They never fail to terrify
E        F#m11    E7M      F#m11   
Built on fear and shame

Verse II

E                    F#m11            
Your well, misplaced words

E7M                    F#m11
They clip the wings of many birds

E      E7M          Cadd9 - - - - Cadd9II - - - - B7      
But my sky you wont tame

Chorus :

A           B11      A7M                  B11
Im crystal clear, im bustin outta here,im bustin outta here

A            B11           A7M                   B11
Ive faced my fears, now im bustin outta here, im bustin outta here

A           B11          A7M                Cadd9
I prized my years, so im bustin outta here, today

Verse II 
(just like Verse I)

Yes we must be strong
Its hard to shake off Babylon
But the chains are weak
When strength runs away, it returns another day
Then your tough as teak


F#m11                           E7M                                          
I shadow box the day to keep the past at bay

     Am               E
but forgivness is the key

F#m11                       E7M  
If I hold to tight im gonna block the light 

        Am             E
and the sunrise I wont see

"I wanna feel the lovely warm sunrise in me !"

Hope its sounds alrite
Добавлено: 24.08.2013
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