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Dallas Holms - In My Fathers House - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dallas Holms - In My Fathers House - аккорды и текст, видео

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In My Fathers House
Dallas Holms
		   "In My Fathers House"            by Dallas Holm          Chain Of Grace CD

  (standard tuning capo on third fret)   (ADD D6 D7 A6 A7 TO SOUND BETTER)

  (first verse)
  D                   A
  all the windows are broken
  D                        A
  all the lights have gone dim
  D                       A
  all the doors they hang open 
  G       A         D    A
  lettin' time move in

  D               A
  built on a poor foundation
  D                        A
  and time has not been to kind 
  D                   A
  almost complete devastation
  G             A         D
  thats why i'm here to remind

  G                 D
  that the Lord has gone before us
  G            D
  to prepare a place forever
  G                D
  if it weren't so He'd have told us 
  C                         A
  but He told us what we'll find
        G       D
  in my Fathers house
  A     G       D   
  in my Fathers house 
  G              D
  there are many mansions
        A       D  G
  in my Fathers house
  D     A       D      A
  in my Fathers house 
  (second verse)
  D                          A
  and so make sure that your treasure
  D                        A
  is not where rust can destroy
  D                        A
  but let your heart be forever
  G       A             D
  be made rich with the joy
  (repeat chorus)
  G      D        G            D
  Master Builder, Maker of all things
  G        D     C             A
  Great Provider all of heaven sings
  (repeat chorus)

   >   > >

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