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Da - Glowing - аккорды и текст, видео

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Da - Glowing - аккорды и текст, видео

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EDIT 1/26/2014: Thanks to the correction from illegallyabby, the chord of C in the 
verses has been changed to C7.

Also, since the tab was made, the artist Glowing has since been changed to D.A. 
(D.A. Wallach). I may need to make an entirely new tab to make this change.

Old description:

Hello! I have attempted to find the chords for the song Glowing, a song that was 
recently given a video by Wolf Haley (Tyler the Creator).

Here is the single for Glowing:

I hope you enjoy...the Interlude between the second and third choruses are 
probably incorrect, I had a hard time with that part. Please let me know of any mistakes.

Glowing by D.A.

Verse 1:

C               Em      C7         Am
As much as you say that we won't decay,
     F    Em    Dm         C
The bombs went off a week ago.
C                  Em           C7        Am
The grass here is gray, been walking all day,
     F   Em  Dm                 C
But I'm not sure we'll make it home...


Dm                  Fm
So if you trust me, hold me close and...

C              G                  Am         C
We'll turn to sculptures made of sand.
Dm                      Fm
Once they find us, a thousand years from now,
C              G                  Am         G
We'll still be right here holding hands,
F                 G                        Dm   C
Still be glowing, smiling like we didn't give a damn.

Verse 2:

C                   Em          C7      Am
The lights getting low, and the dust to snow,
    F      Em   Dm          C
The broken windows went everywhere.
C                    Em        C7           Am
Your clothes may be torn, but I'll keep you warm,
       F    Em  Dm            C
I'll shade your eyes from the firestorm.


Interlude (???) - Dbm, Dm Ebm Em E F#m E F#m Bm Db


The End
Добавлено: 24.07.2015
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