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Cyberbully Mom Club - Shaky Lips - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cyberbully Mom Club - Shaky Lips - аккорды и текст, видео

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Shaky Lips
Cyberbully Mom Club
hi, yeah, I've never really made one of these before but I really wanted to learn to play this song so I had a
go at it and thought maybe some people on here would appreciate this, I think this is more or less right 
judging by their video:

I hope you all enjoy (feel free to drop me a message if I got any of it wrong)

Standard Tuning
Capo 5th

Em                Gadd9            C        Am
i think i'll do nothing for a long, long time 
Em                Gadd9         C         Am
unclench my wrist, my songs are barely mine 
Em             Gadd9         C           
my truce are subtle, and when i sing 
i barely rhyme 
Em       Gadd9
oh shaky lips, 
                 C                Am          
my limbs, sweet stirring of your thighs 
      Em           Gadd9
in my eyes, i can't lie 
i'm not fine 
i could die 
      Em              Gadd9
make a list of things i miss 
to fill that void 
         Am              Gadd9            Am
guess you can't buy back your time 

  Em         Gadd9
 refrain from mine
 refrain from mine
 refrain from mine 
 refrain from mine 
 refrain from mine 
 C               Am
 refrain from

Em           Gadd9        \
refrain from mine          \
         C                  x2
don't fold me              /
                Am        /
in your baby's lullaby.  /

Em, Gadd9, C  -x2       

Em          Gadd9
refrain from mine
don't fold me
in your baby's lullaby
Добавлено: 04.12.2015
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