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Current-93 - The Cloud of Unknowing - текст песни, видео

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Current-93 - The Cloud of Unknowing - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
And then when then I die 
I feel I shall say 
I have not understood 
I have not understood any of this 
My eyes are still coaldark 
I have not understood 
Around and in my eyes the tiny flecks 
Of swirling crippled confused lights 
And to my heart I will whisper 
Softly quietly 
"There is no death there is no death" 
(And goodbye to you all) 
Under the gorgon grinnd arches 
Of London's great vaults 
I have not understood 
Under the sunpuckered roofs of Kathmandu 
I have not understood 
Along the soulstoned streets 
Of Lower 
And of Higher Germanie 
I have not understood 
Leipzig: blackeyed pain and loss: she 
I have not understood 
In Clare near I 
The empty lakes are open in the distance 
And too close is the faminereatchingroad 
All these are ghosts 
There I have not understood 
(In the Heart of the Wood 
Oh there have I understood) 
I rested at the temple of Great Black Time - Her 
And did not understand 
Though animalbled fleshmarbled rivers ran in Her honour 
His buckled body in blood 
Returns to the prebirth poise 
Spreadeagled like starfish - 
There in His eyes: 
Incomprehension mute pain disbelief what 
Blood there meant sorrow trickles there 
This I could not understand 
I bend the pages of yet another book 
And in its lines Great Black Lines 
I have not understood 
Please gramerey pray for me 
And oh goodbye sweetestheart 
The wind roars in the nearness 
And there in my heart 
And all the clouds are spiralling towards us 
Descent indeed to the centre of it all 
Skipping lightly and lying truly 
This we shall understand 
I hope... 

Wet bent humped trees 
The great ones - there 
On the lapped shore 
Dai Ichi 
There also I do not know 
This is all unknowable 
And as the dust covers 
My empty eyes 
You shall read in these foolish gapes 
Oh that I have not understood 
(But if you look for the stag and the cross conjoined 
There on my arm look there 
There I have understood very well) 

Now you are all fading 
All fading 
As my age creeps on 
As This Age stumbles on 
Fires in the earth 
Fires in the sky 
Fires in our hearts 
Fires everywhere 
The black eyes 
Already blacken 
And this I have not understood 

Not peace 
But a sword 
This and He 
I have understood 
Under the bowered greenwood tree 
When first I lay 
Bright starre with Thee 
Under the velvet branches dear 
When sun and moon both came so near 
Under the starlit open dome 
Under the starsharp pointed lights 
Under the starloved greeny earth 
When first I wanted to hold You 
And all the world halfdead and halflive 
Spat into my mouth 
Bluesea bitterwater 
And I am almost dead 
And I have not understood 

Under the rain and teeth of gods 
Under the pain and sleeping liddy eyes 
Under the brokkd wetful heaven 
If you are there 
If you are there 
If you are there 
Then I am singing with my eyes 
If you are there
Добавлено: 13.07.2012
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