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Current-93 - Dormition And Dominion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Current-93 - Dormition And Dominion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dormition And Dominion
Artist : Current 93
Title : Dormition And Dominion


In the mind of god
               Dm7     F  
The dead sleeping lie
Am7                         Dm7      F
And the little cogs though unmoving
Am7                    Dm7    F  Am7
Hover over the turning wheel
           Dm7     F
All life's a farce
Am7                  C               F         Dm7    
The broken bird is draped over the paths and paths
     Am7        C    F   Dm7 
And paths and paths
     Am7            C        F       Dm7 
And those who say this world is not
     Am7               C           F              Dm7 
The bloody gleaming paradise of blood and jewel

Am7       Dm7     F        Am7
Opal and pearl bloodsocket castings
       Dm7   F         Am7
Ruby jasmine jasper and onyx
                     Dm7          F
Chalcedonthrone and ambergriscrown
Golden green leafwork
Dm7     F        Am7       C
Scrolled with the farstars
F      Dm7           Am7
Pitted ~~~with the moonworlds
C       F       Dm7 
Mother alldewey
  Am7    C        F   Dm7         Am7
Arrayed with the twinkling lights
      C          F      Dm7             Am7
The wovengold spungilded ~~~~blinking godeyes
      C    F        Dm7 
The spearshafts of heaven
     Am7 C      F    Dm7  
The souldwelling rockhomes

Dormition and Dominion
Dormition and Dominion
The Mother is dead
The Mother awakens
She sleeps
He rules
She sleeps and rules
In her starry bodied glory
The Mother sleeps
The Mother loves
Dormition and Dominion
I wait
...Are the holders of the world and its dreams
I say there is no death
No death

         Am7              C 
We have lived before and shall live again
F           Dm7  
And again
         Am7              C                 F
We have slept before and shall sleep again
                Dm7                 Am7
We have danced through the shallow pools
      C          F  Dm7  
And shall rejoice 
Once again
     C                  F
To those who say there is no hope
 Dm7      Am7
I say...  liars
C     F
Dm7       Am7
Liars you are

Over the starry dancing stars
F          Am7
There is a land
            C          F
Under the sweatribbed brow
Dm7         Am7
There is a land
                 C       F     Dm7     Am7
And this is the globed world of ~~~~the Pantocrator
C                            F        Dm7  
[Died in lines and died in singular]
Am7               C
Finally I have understood
F         Dm7
I have understood
Am7        C
I have understood
        F            Dm7          Am7     C
Though when I slip sleeping and silently
      F                   Dm7
From this ribbed room of sighs
 Am7           C        F         Dm7           Am7
You shall not find the history of His personal visit
C                       F
Sewn into my linings perhaps
Dm7                   Am7
Nevertheless I have understood
C                           F         Dm7
Where the logician watches god hinge all on a die
Am7                     C
Nevertheless I have understood!
      F                Dm7          Am7
That all this is the breathbetween moment
       C               F
Our eyeslids open and close
Between is the land
   Am7               C           F
Between the time I first was accepted
 Dm7                      Am7
In between Your brightboned body
C                       F            Dm7      Am7
Between then and there and the time you, you wept:
             C               F
"Goodbye my love goodbye to you"
  Dm7            Am7
Goodybye, oh goodbye
There was the land
          F           Dm7
In the pearls of our heart
Am7                      C            F
There is the immaculate heavenly loveland
       Dm7              Am7            C                F
In the middle of the forest Acton is slain by his own hounds
       Dm7                   Am7                  C
In the middle of the forest Eustace meets the crisscross Stag
F                          Dm7             Am7
There is the land he has reached paradise
There is no death
There is no death
      Dm7          Am7              C
There as the stag turns and smiled loved
       F          Dm7         Am7
There he was takencaught by the prey
All the flowers are blossoming
F                  Dm7
And all the world calls to you:
Am7                    C
"Dormition" - so you sleep
F                    Dm7
"Dominion" - so you rule
Am7                  C
Dormition - oh You sleep, Mother
F            Dm7        Am7
Dominion - Father, You rule
Добавлено: 02.11.2015
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