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Cure - Wailing Wall - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cure - Wailing Wall - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wailing Wall
“WAILING WALL”                                          by The Cure

Words: Robert Smith
Music: The Cure
Tab: graph_sas
One of the best moments of The Cure's “The Top” (1984)
Play it and if you want:

    D           G
The holy city breathed 
       D          G 
Like a dying man 
   D                   G
It moved with hopeful tears 
          D                 G
With the tears of the blind 
    F                 Bb
And on and on as the night drew in 
Through broken streets 
That sucked me in 
    F                  Bb
My feet were bare and cut with stones 
      F              G
With walking to the promised land

D, G (x4)
I pushed through crowds 
Through seas of prayer 
        D                  G
Through twisting hands and choking air 
  D               G
A vulture at the wailing wall 
I circled... 

--- \  / ---- |
| |  \/  |    |
---  |   --   |
| |  |   |    |
---  |   ---- .
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