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Crosby, Stills & Nash - Helplessly Hoping - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Crosby, Stills & Nash - Helplessly Hoping - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Stephen Stills
Авторы текста: Stephen Stills
Helplessly Hoping
Crosby, Stills & Nash
From: (Leif A Sawyer)
Subject: CHORDS: Helplessly Hoping, CSN
Date: 5 Sep 92 20:41:45 GMT
Sender: (USENET News System)
Organization: Bit for Tat Consulting
Lines: 42

Helplessly Hoping.. CSN (1969)

Am7                    C                      G                     D
Helplessly hoping her  harlequin  hovers near-by,    awaiting   a   word.

Am7                    C                      G                     D
Gasping at glimpses of gentle true  spirit he runs wishing he could fly

        Am7         C             G     D
only to trip at the sound of good-bye...

Am7                     C                         G
Wordlessly watching he  waits  by the window  and wonders at the empty
place in-side

Am7                     C                         G
Heartlessly helping him-self to her bad dreams he worries did he hear
      D      Am7  C         G    C/G
a goodbye or even...    hel-lo?


         G   C/G              G     C/G            G        C/G
They are one person, they are two a-lone, they are three to-gether, they
    G   Dm/F        C
are for...     each other

Am7                         C                        G
Stand by the starway you'll see something certain to tell you confusion
has its cost.

Am7                   C                   G                      D
Love isn't lying it's loose in a lady who lingers, saying she is lost and
Am7      C         C/G
choking...  on hel-lo.

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