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Crimson Moonlight - Reflections upon the Distress and Agony of Faith - текст песни, видео

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Crimson Moonlight - Reflections upon the Distress and Agony of Faith - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
If you respect yourself and worry about your soul you know you 
must live a stricter and more retired life than even a virgin in a 
maiden's bower. It is true that there are those who need to be 
forced and tamedand who would tumble about like wild beasts in 
lustful frenzy if they were left free. It is true and you can see it 
now, quite close at your neighbour's house. But you have to show 
that you are not one of that kind, by talking about it with anguish 
and fear. And talk you must with awe about the holy things, the 
great eternal truths, so that they won't be forgotten. If you can't 
understand their horrors, nor can you see their greatness. 
Now let's consider the distress and agony of the paradox of faith: 
The tragic hero acts to gain fame and glory for himself. The knight 
of faith gives up his individuality to become the common man, 
become“Everyman”. It all depends on the will. If you think it's 
easy enough to be a single man, sufficient to yourself, you can be 
sure you are not a knight of faith. 

Wild birds and wandering geniuses are not the true knights. These 
know how blessed it is to belong to the common. 

The true knight also knows how pleasant and wholesome it is to be 
an individual who, so to speak, translates himself into a clean, neat 
and flawless edition , readable to each and everyone. He knows that 
it is refreshing to be understandable to everybody, as well as he 
also understands the common truths, and both of them rejoice in 
their shared confidence of the common. He rests assure that it's 
pleasant to be born as a separate individual who is at home in the 
common, the kind and lasting place on Earth, which will receive 
him with open arms, when he finally wishes to rest there. But he 
also knows that far beyond this there is a lonely, narrow and steep 
path, winding its way through the wilderness. He knows what it 
would be like to be born outside the common world and to have to 
travel alone without meeting a single soul. He knows quite well 
where he is and what his relation to other people is like. 

From a human point of view he is insane and can't 
communicate with anybody. To put it mildly: he is as mad as a 
hatter. If he isn't regarded as such he is a hypocrite and the further 
he travels along the way the worse hypocrisy. 

The knights of faith know how engulfing it is to give themselves 
up for the sake of the common. Courage is needed, but there is 
also a feeling of confidence since it is for common man. He knows 
what a glorious thing it is to be understood by every truthful noble 
man, and by doing so be nobler in the mind himself. All this he 
knows and feels as if committed to this faith. He would like to 
think that this would be his mission of life...
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