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Crime In Stereo - It Ain'T All Hugs And Handshakes - текст песни, видео

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Crime In Stereo - It Ain'T All Hugs And Handshakes - текст песни, видео

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If Saturdays end sadder days, 

pay stubs should bring salvation

accelerating heartbeats happily. 

But these days our day jobs barely cover insurance, 

so now we can't afford our dreams. 

Skip town suddenly on half a heartbeat 

and spark as sweetly as softly it came. 

Let the windows transition the night 

so we don't miss a thing. 

Skip town suddenly cause New York doesn't look the same. 

You make it seem like Saturdays end sadder days, 

and it's OK to lie dead come the week. 

It's just like me to disagree. 

You make it seem like Fridays pay will make everything OK, 

it's just like me to plan an escape. 

Dead broke and happy and sitting in traffic again, 

we're down to one lane cause New York is never gonna change

but I can treat lungs black from bad decisions 

over another day of the same thing

bad food, bad dreams, and Bad Religion. 

It's OK cause my way has only got to work for me. 

So tell me is it gonna get any easier 

to find your way now that you've got a degree? 

Cause there sure ain't any jobs for you here boy, 

and would you really want one anyway?
Добавлено: 29.07.2012
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