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Cranium - Nymphomanic Nuns - текст песни, видео

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Cranium - Nymphomanic Nuns - текст песни, видео

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[Verse I:]

Necro-Nudist is my name, I ride my metal bike

Dressed in leather, studs and chains

And long satanic spikes

I suffer breakdown on the road

I got to get some help

Come upon a monastery and I ring the bell

[Verse II:]

They open up, I go inside and soon I realize

This is a nunnery and now my dick will rise

This dirty drummer's dick is what I think

They will all need

I line them up against the wall

And fuck them till they bleed


Yes I will desecrate

When I ejaculate

The nuns are all insane

I bring them lust and pain

You fuckin' Christian whores

Get down upon the floor

They like to suck and lick

My heavy Kaufmann stick

[Verse III:]

I take them on the altar underneath the holy cross

One by one I penetrate, virginity is lost

Satan watches from below, I leve the nuns defiled

Crazy orgy, ecstacy, now heaven is defied

[Repeat Bridge]


My dick is like a loaded gun

It's time to fuck some nuns

Fuck you with an inverted cross

Now you know who's the boss

This dirty drummer's Kaufmann stick

Is what they all will need

I line them up agains the wall

And fuck them till they bleed

[Bridge II:]

I'm Necro-Nudist and I am the one

My Kaufmann stick is like a loaded gun

I'm Necro-Nudist, I am Satan's son

I desecrate and penetrate the nuns

[Repeat Bridge II]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse IV:]

Now I leave the monastery, the nuns are satisfied

They want me to come back again

I promise that I will

Another day I will return on my bike I ride

I'm coming back to penetrate

More Christian cunts to fill!
Добавлено: 22.06.2012
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