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Craig Morgan - Blame Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Craig Morgan - Blame Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Blame Me
Craig Morgan
INTRO- G, AM7, C/B, Bb, A5, G5, F5, G (x2)

  G                    AM7
She's pony-tailed an' she's halter topped

 C/B                      Bb A5   G5 F5  G
Her bumper-sticker says I hate hip-hop.

G                                  AM7
With a southern drawl, she says Howdy, y'all,

         C/B                   C(STOP, FILL )
And her hands ain't afraid of dirt.

  G             AM7
He's proud of his old truck

     C/B             Bb A5 G5  F5  G
He spray painted over dents and rust.

     G                      AM7
The motor smokes, it's got four bald tires,

But the radio works.

 D                                AM7
Raised on the Good Book and our country songs,

 C                       D
Ridin' down back roads singin' along 

         G           AM7
So blame me for the way they are,

       Bb                         C
Their love of the fiddle and the steel guitar.

      G              AM7
Blame me for their cowboy hats,

 C                                Bb
Roper boots, Wrangler jeans, and rifle racks.

        A5            B          C
If you wanna point a finger at somebody,

        C#         D             G     (INTRO)
for the way they beleive , Blame me.

 G                           AM7
They were kids when Hag and me came to town

 C/B                  C        
All eyes and ears: look at 'em now.

 G                   AM7
Center stage on the Grand Ole Opry,

On a Saturday night.

 G                       AM7
Sing of fishin' and the Lord above,

C/B             C  Bb
Fallin' in and out of love.

G                 AM7
From Aunt Bea to Uncle Sam,

And that American Pie.

      D                  AM7             
From big cities to the little towns

       C                  D
We're hard-core country inside and out. 


(SOLO) G, AM7, C/B, C, Em, D, C, B, Bb, F5, G

Blame me.
Blame me.
Blame me, yeah.
Добавлено: 26.09.2013
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