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Craig Mclachlan - Mona - бас-таба, видео

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Craig Mclachlan - Mona - бас-таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Bo Diddley
Авторы текста: Bo Diddley
Track Title: Mona
Album: Craig Mclachlan and Check 1-2
Release: April 1990
Artist: Craig Mclachlan 
Tabbed By: Alex Alaimo (Ciho482)

A bass tab, written and played by Mark Beckhouse.

Tip: A very simple, and fun song to play. You shouldn't 
have trouble with this tab, it's pretty easy.

So, it's basically a repetitive riff. Starting off in the octave of G, mixed with F. 
Here's the tab, though. Let the Acoustic start off. Follow the rhythm of the Guitar, 
and follow the strumming pattern.

D|-----------------------------| Continue this, for most of the song.

D|-----------------------------| Use this also, a few times,
A|-----------------------------| but continue on with the original pattern.

"When you come out on the front..." Straight after Craig sings this, 
play this.
D|-----------------------------| This is just a very quick chorus thingy.

And that's basically the song. Listen to it a few times, to get the rhythm of it, 
though. It's very simple, and is not hard to learn. 
I hope you all have fun with this, but, if you have any questions, 
feel free to email me at

Thank you, and enjoy!


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