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Craig David - Spanish - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Craig David - Spanish - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Craig David
Verses all the same this chord sequence is repeated all the way through until the middle eighth.

Capo IV

Verses and Chorus
Am, E, Am, E, Am, E. 

just keep playing it. for Rhythm listen to track.

Middle Eight.

Dm7                         C              
Tonight i'm from a distance admiring
Girl your looking so vibrant
              Am  E   Am7   A7   Dm7
and i dig the way you move your body
                     C                       E
lets get out of this party maybe we can get naughty
Say bye bye girlfriends
           E       F         E        F       E
coz just then a minute will be gone if we're N'Sync

Then back to the previous repetitive hook.
Have fun
Добавлено: 10.03.2012
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