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Craig Cardiff - Wait Maybe Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Craig Cardiff - Wait Maybe Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wait Maybe Love
Craig Cardiff
Wait, Maybe Love - Craig Cardiff
From the album Floods and Fires

No Capo

Intro: D , D , A , Bm , G , D , A , A

Verse 1:
D                                  G
Yester-year where we learned that fear
Bm                                      A
Rents the cheapest room in the house, dear
G            D                              Asus  A
Love called, and said she found a better room
D                               G
To the year where we stayed awake
Bm                                A
And talked about, how the earthquake
G                    D
Surely must be a sign
The sky would fall

Chorus 1:
Wait, maybe love just
D             A   Bm
Missed her train
          G              D                    A    Asus
Wrong ticketed, wrong platform, out in the rain
              G D
She'll be home
         A  Bm
Soon i bet
             G           D
You know how love can get
You know how love gets

Verse 2:
D                      G
Sadness started to hang around
    Bm                          A
And sit in the place where love used to sit
          G                     D                      A   Asus
And where love filled your eyes, sadness just pulls you down
Sadness smiles and says,
G                               Bm
"I know I'm not her, I'm not love
But I'll stay and give you comfort and tell you
G                D                              A
How right you are and how right you've always been"

Chorus 2:
             G        D
Wait, maybe love just
        A  Bm
Took ill
     G            D                 A
In fever rides a coughed and pilled
           G      D                    A  Bm
She'll be home as soon as the doctor says
            G       Bm
We know how love gets
You know how love gets

Verse 3:
D                   G
Hates loud, and she pays for all the drinks
Bm                                       A
And she glitters and tells you exactly what she thinks
      G           D
Even when you say,
                             A    Asus
"Thanks, but i don't need to know"
 D                      G                  Bm
And hates loud as she takes you home to bed
           A                                     G
And shows you all the tricks, and leaves you more alone
D                               A
And she tells you shes all you deserve

              G          D
Wait, maybe love maybe love
          A   Bm
Left a note
               G               D 
Tucked, in the pillow into the pocket
           A  Asus
Of your coat
        G        D         A      Bm
Oh, to remind us how the time went
      G           D
And love was here
And love can come back again
      G           D
And love was here
And she'll come back again.
Добавлено: 16.06.2016
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