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Cracker - What You're Missing - текст песни, видео

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Cracker - What You're Missing - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
(Colton, Redlands....)
(protegido por monos)
(various town names, neighborhoods, mostly unintelligle)
North of Broad...
(peli roja, protegido por monos)
Mentone, Yucaipa
The name is MC Cracker D.
The singer in this band.
(listen up)
Thats Cracker with a ??not a ??
or ?ncle?understand.
And if you?e got a problem
With your geometry
I can help you out with that
Cause I have a mathematics degree

Hey, hey, you don? know what you?e missing
What you?e missing
Hey, hey, you don? know what you?e missing

(c?on peli roja)

[Brandy Wood]
Here I am the only girl
So I get my own room
Unless somebody needs the phone
And then I get the broom
Checking out the haircuts
Not making any fuss
I ask one up for tea
But David throws him off the bus.

(he was a drummer!)


(give me some room)
(I smell something)
(you call that a guitar solo?)
(i? trying)
(you call that a guitar solo?)

(watch me break this chair)
(Professor Raagini)

[Kenny Margolis]
Me and my boy Sammy
We?e hanging in the park
(his science is strong)
There? plants and birds
And rocks and things we
Best be home by dark
Climbing up, sliding down
Tumbling with the tots
Swinging sounds of laughter
Does anyone remember laughter?
(yeah that was Uncle Led Zep right?)

(okay throw that chair Johnny)

[Johnny Hickman]
They call me Lonesome Johnny
I helped to start this band
(yeah right)
Came up with MC Cracker D
But was not in Camper Van
(he was in ?icked Scepter?
I play the lead guitar round here
But Sometimes it plays me
(your pants are too tight)
And I don? look like Richard Grieco
That pendejo looks like me.

(protegido por monos)
(play it professor)
(his name is Professor Raagini)
(when he don? play keyboard
He plays tambourini)

[Frank Funaro] (heavy brooklyn accent)
If you need some riddem
den i? the man for you.
(is he from England?)
(what happened to the Mexican guy
who used to play drums)
If you got a sister well ...
I? da man for her too
(dream on brother!)
I may not be a singer
But I play one on TV
I wrote myself deese lyrics
Wid a rhyming dictionary

(protegido por monos)

We have lots of friends
In our extended family
Of freaks and geeks and wierdos
That keep it quite unique
So if you think you?e one of us
I?l tell you what to do
Step over have a listen
Then you?l know just what you?e missing.
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