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Coyote Grace - Goodnight Lady - аккорды и текст, видео

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Coyote Grace - Goodnight Lady - аккорды и текст, видео

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Goodnight Lady
Coyote Grace
Goodnight, Lady
(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Now Take Flight

You're heaven's song in the sky above
D                                     G
My heavy heart never carried so much love 
I overflow
Walking on these city streets 
D                              G
Everyone I meet, they say they know
I'm like a window

G                     D
I'm running from the light
G                        D
But that big ol' moon is shining
G              A
Shining oh so bright

G                 A
It's just another show 
G                      D
It's the only thing I know
G                   A
There aint no other way
So, goodnight, lady

Every time that morning come
I stand to greet the sun, I meet the day
And I feel ok
But then the wind right through me blow
I can hardly stand to watch you go, but you're already gone, 
In that coming dawn

I can see it for myself
And I ain't the kind of man
Who can't ask for a little help


I don't know much of god and grace
But I look in the mirror and finally I see my face
It's been awhile
I ain't too proud to show my pain
To call out loud in the northwest rain and wash my tears away
Till I can smile

I'm feeling everything
And I'll always love you
Oh darlin, that ain't anything

It's just another show
It's the only thing I know
There aint no other way
So, goodnight, lady

It's just another show
You're the only one I know
There ain't no other way
So, goodnight, lady
Goodnight, lady
Добавлено: 02.07.2013
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