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Cowboy Songs - Git Along Dogies - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Cowboy Songs - Git Along Dogies - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Git Along Dogies
Cowboy Songs

 This is probably the most notable of all cowboy songs.  In a capsule, it 
portrays the history of cattle raising, the business that created the
cowboy.  The first verse details it all.  Note that we ride along.  We
don't gallop, don't cantor, don't trot--we wear our hat, you'll never see
us without our hat.  The only extravagance portrayed here is what is known
as jinglebobs on his spurs.  Jinglebobs, that is the real name, no-kiddin',
are those things that make Clint Eastwood go ching-ching-ching as he
walks down the dusty street and wastes the bad-guys in those great 
spaghetti westerns.  Some guys will tell you that the music of the
jinglebobs tended to keep the cattle calm on the drives.  Sounds as good as
anything I guess.  

                      Git along, little dogies

Capo the 3rd fret--

1: D                 G           D                               E7      A7   
As I was walking one morning for .....
    D                            G           D 
His hat was throwed back and his spurs ....
       A7           D
he was singin' .....CHROUS

2:   D                       G            D
It's early in spring that we ....
         E7            A7         D     G    
them and bob off their tales.  We ....
      D                                    A7       D  
chuck wagon, and then throw the .....    CHORUS

It's whooping and ....

Some boys, they go up.....

Your mother was ....

         D  G  D        G           D
Whoop-ee ti-yi-yo, git along ....
                            E7 A
your misfortune ...
         D  G  D        G           D             
Whoop-ee ti-yi-yo, git ....
                      E7   A7          D
You know that ....


         | /
         /|________   ____________
        / |         /           |
                         A BAR J  |

Добавлено: 19.01.2014
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