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Cowboy Songs - Chisolm Trail - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Cowboy Songs - Chisolm Trail - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Chisolm Trail
Cowboy Songs

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Here's a western song that no western tunesmith's, like the COWPIE gang
should be without.  The old Chisholm Trail is believed to have had
at least 143 verses sung at one time or another.  Micheal Martin
Murphey's Cowboy Songs includes a few more, but I only know 11.
So grab yer slicker and cinch yer saddle and let's go--- 

                        The old Chisholm Trail

Lope the song along-

1.Well, come along, boys, and .....

tell you of my troubles ...Come a (chorus)
started in herding ...Come a (chorus)


Bb6     Bb6/C                   F
ti yi   yippy, ....

Bb6     Bb6/C                   F       Bb      F
ti yi   yippy, ....

3. I'm up in the morning ....

4. Oh, it's bacon and beans ....

5. With my seat in the .....

6. No chaps, no ....

7. A stray in the herd....

8. I went to the boss to ....

9. Me and my boss we had a ....

10. I'm going to sell my ....

11. With my knees in the ....


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