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Cowboy Mouth - Louisiana Lowdown - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Cowboy Mouth - Louisiana Lowdown - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Louisiana Lowdown
Cowboy Mouth
From Thu May  8 10:11:42 1997
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 17:05:59 -0600 (CST)
From: Pete Rasche 
To: olga 
Subject: CRD:"Louisiana Lowdown" by Cowboy Mouth

"Louisiana Lowdown" by Cowboy Mouth
>From the MCA album "Are You with Me?"
Previously from the Monkey Hill album "Mouthin' Off (Live+More)"
(Also from Sanchez's solo album "Jet Black And Jealous")
Written by Paul Sanchez, sung by Fred LeBlanc (previously by Sanchez)
Eb=x68886  C#=x46664  Ab=466544  Bb=688766  Gm=355333  Cm=335543

The main RIFF used throughout the song is:
Eb Eb   C# C# C# C#    Eb Eb   C# C# C# Eb
The timing is difficult to show on this, but if you listen to the intro
can figure it out.  Basically play a few D#'s, then C#'s, then almost
the pattern but quickly come back for a D# instead of the last C#.

The little filler notes (FILL) are just a little "tickling" of the first
two strings (e and B) held at the 8th fret (just mash down your third
which should be on the 8th fret from playing the D# anyway).


        Eb                FILL
Well my eyelids said four-thirty
        Eb               FILL
and the radio clock said six
          Ab            Bb           RIFF
and I was thinking up a reasonable excuse
  Eb                   FILL
I might have slept til yesterday
    Eb               FILL
but in the shape I'm in
       Ab                Bb              RIFF
what's twenty-four hours more or less to lose

Gm                              Cm
I've burned up letters and I've burned up souvenirs
Gm                           Cm
And left no traces Lord that I was ever here
    Eb      Ab    Bb                 RIFF
And I won't be Louisiana lowdown and blue

  Bb                           Eb       FILL
I saw a stranger smiling at me yesterday
Bb                              Eb    FILL
And it scared me almost half to death
Bb                                Eb         FILL
I wanted to hide I wanted to run away from her
Bb                                             RIFF
Instead I closed my eyes and she wasn't there
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