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Cowboy Junkies - Oregon Hill - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Cowboy Junkies - Oregon Hill - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Michael Timmins

Oregon Hill
Cowboy Junkies
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Oregon Hill (M. Timmins/Cowboy Junkies)
(from the album Black Eyed Man)

Submitted by Steve Scowden (

Corrections/improvements welcome.

(I'm playing this song  with a E- E6 -E7 riff through most of the verses.  That is, an E, then an E with 
pinkie added on 2nd fret of 2nd string, then sliding my pinkie up to the 3rd fret.  Of course, there may be 
better way.)

E- E6 -E7 riff
The hoods are up on Pine Street, rearends lifted, too
The great-grandsons of General Robert E. Lee

are makin' love with a little help from STP

               A                                                E- E6 -E7
Their women on the porches, comparin' alibis

(E- E6 -E7 riff)
Greasy eggs & bacon, bumper stickers aimed to start a fight
Folk in wrecks, confederate caps, if you want some shine well
                                     F#m   F#m7
 you can always find some more

               A                                                           E- E6 -E7
but what I remember most, is the color of Susie's door

          C#m                G#                  A                          E
And Susie says she's up there, cutting carrots still

E        B                          Am
Susie says she's missing me

     F#m                           E- E6 -E7
so I'm missing, Oregon Hill

(E- E6 -E7 riff)
A river to the south, to wash away all sin
A college to the east of us, to learn where sin begins

                                   F#m      F#m7
A graveyard to the west of it all

             A                                E- E6 -E7
The child may soon be lying in it

                      A                                   E
Cause to the north there is a prison,

               A                           E
which I've come to call my home

                       A                                  E
but come Monday morning, no country song,

             B           A        E
will sing me home again

   C#m                G#           A                  E
Susie says she's up there, cutting carrots still

E        B                   Am               F#m                      E- E6 -E7
Susie says she's missing me, so I'm missing, Oregon Hill

(E- E6 -E7 riff)
Sunday morning, 8 a.m., sirens fill the air
Sounds like someone made the river
                                                      F#m  F#m7
Sounds like someone being born again

       A               G#m      F#m         E- E6 -E7
But me, I'm just lyin' here in Susie's bed

              A                               E
Baptists celebrating with praises to the lord

    A                           E
Rednecks doin' it with gin

              A                                     E        B        A       E
Me and Susie, we're just celebrating, the joys of sleepin' in,

              F#m              A            E- E6 -E7
because tomorrow,  I'll be home again.

   C#m                    G#
Susie says she'll wait there,

            A                                   E
cutting carrots by the window sill

E        B                       Am
Susie says always think of me,

         F#m                           E- E6 -E7
when you think of,  Oregon Hill
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