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Corb Lund - S Lazy H - аккорды и текст, видео

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Corb Lund - S Lazy H - аккорды и текст, видео

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S Lazy H
Corb Lund
Corb plays this with a modified fingerstyle, where he holds the pick normally to strike
the base notes and uses his fourth and fifth fingers to strum the high strings. You should
be able to pick up the rhythm from the record.

***Capo 5***    

8 Verses, no chorus, two instrumental breaks. 


            G                            C              G
Well I was born in this valley, on this ranch, I was raised
              G                           Am     D
I learned to lope, rope and dally, on the S lazy H
           G                           C            G
Well the roots of my people, they run deep on this place 
      G           Bm         C   D  G
I am sixth generation on the S lazy H

         G                           C          G
When it came to the future, I never gave it a thought
               G                             Am           D
If there were broncs to be broken, endless steers to be caught
          G                              C           G
Well my youth, it was carefree, for the work was my play
             G                   Bm           C   D  G
And what I loved would always be there on the S lazy H

       G                              C            G
I had one beloved sister a few years younger than me
          G                                         Am           D
Before a sole cowboy had kissed her, she left for school in the East
          G                                  C            G
Me I might have gone to college, might have liked to fly planes
        G                  Bm         C   D  G
But my dad, he needed help to run the S lazy H

      G                                     C            G
So I worked there long-side him, put adult years in this place 
       G                             Am          D
And I gained appreciation, for the lines on his face
          G                             C           G
And when mom had grown older, and when dad passed away
           G            Bm      C   D  G
It fell to me to look after the S lazy H

Instrumental: G C Am G D G C G

            G                              C            G
By now my sister she had married a sharp attorney back East
            G                                Am           D
We didn't see eye to eye much, but I did my best to make peace 
               G                                     C            G
What did they see when they looked over, over the fence one fine day
             G           Bm          C   D  G
They saw a whole lot of value in the S lazy H

            G                          C                 G
So after thought and assessment, the court awarded them half
        G                          Am            D
And no cow-calf operation carries that kind of cash
          G                                      C          G
Well I worked through the numbers, worked them every which way
        G                                C         G
Yeah I went through the numbers, oh and boys I'm afraid
          G              Bm          C   D  G
I had to sell twenty sections of the S lazy H

            G                           C           G
Sometimes right isn't equal, sometimes equal's not fair
            G                              Am          D
There will soon be rows of houses on that ridge over there
         G                       C        G
Many lifetimes of labor will be all but erased 
           G              Bm                  C  D   G
So shed a tear and look skyward, God help the S lazy H

Instrumental: G C Am G D G C G

              G                            C          G
The last few years were a struggle, but I gave it my best
        G                         Am             D
And I tried to go forward on the land that was left
          G                              C             G
I have lived with the sorrow and I will die with the shame
             G                Bm         C  D   G
For now the bank owns what's left of the S lazy H
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