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Copeland Stewart - Don't Box Me In - аккорды и текст, видео

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Copeland Stewart - Don't Box Me In - аккорды и текст, видео

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Don't Box Me In
Copeland Stewart
Song: Don't box me in (Copeland/Ridgway)
Artist: Stewart Copeland
Album: Rumble Fish (from the film with the same name)
Chord analysis: Mats Fagergren , 2016-10-25

comment: Stewart Copeland  (The Police) and Stanard Ridgway made this song together.
the harmony is really odd..and it is difficult to not put on repeat.
My conclusion is that many sections in the music are build upon sus2-chords..

It can be difficult to find this amazing piece of music..
You can find it on You Tube

use these chords: 
Gsus2.  3,x,x,2,3,3
G#sus2  4,x,x,3,4,4
Fsus2.  1,3,3,0,x,x In intro/ middle-section 1,x,x,0,1,1 verse
Asus2.  x,0,2,2,0,0 or. 5,x,x,4,5,5 alt. chord Aadd9 x,0,2,4,2,0
F#sus2  2,x,x,1,2,2
F#dim/A 5,3,4,5,x,x
G#dim.  4,5,6,4,x,x
Esus2.  x,7,9,9,7,(7) alt E5  x,7,9,9,x,x
D#sus2. x,6,8,8,6,(6) alt D#5 x,6,8,8,x,x
A.      5,7,7,6,5,5
E.      0,2,2,1,0,0
G.      3,5,5,4,3,3
D/F#.   2,x,0,2,3,2 or 2,5,4,2,3,2


Gsus2      G#sus2    Fsus2          Gsus2    G#sus2     Fsus2


[verse 1]

Asus2     Fsus2
You walk, I'll run, and
Gsus2                  Fsus2   Gsus2
follow right behind you
Asus2    Fsus2
You call I'll come, and
Gsus2                  Fsus2  Gsus2
I won't remember where I come from

[middle 1]
Over there
F#sus2            G#sus2
At the end of the bar
G#sus2          F#sus2
This fish keeps swimming
F#dim/A                       G#dim
In a jar, I feel A tug on the line
Which end, Will I be 
Gsus2         G#sus2   Fsus2
on this time?

Fsus2            Gsus2  G#sus2 Fsus2
Don't box me in
Don't box me in

[verse 2]

Asus2   Fsus2
One day I'll show them
Gsus2                 Fsus2   Gsus2
Just what I'm made of
Asus2     Fsus2
The'll be, A time
Gsus2                 Fsus2     Gsus2
When I won't remember what I was afraid of

[middle 2]

And I'll be 
F#sus2          G#sus2
swimming In the sea
G#sus2     F#sus2
No banging on this glass
For me My eyes saw red
F#dim/A              G#dim
When my world turned blue
So I'm leaving Everyting 
G#dim      Esus2  D#sus2  Esus2  D#sus2 
that's ....true
Esus2   Dsus2   Esus2   Dsus2  Gsus2  G#sus2
And I'll jump into A brand new skin


And then you won't be able, to
Gsus2     G#sus2 
box me in
Fsus2           Gsus2   G#sus2
Don't box me in
Don't box me in, let..

A       G  A      G
E    G A 
A         E                  G  A
There's a few places 'round
A    E               G  A
That I've never been
A          E               G  A
There's an ocean out there
A    E            G  A
That I gotta swim
A        E                G  A
There's a river that flows
A     E           G  A
Right past my door
A E          G  A
I wonder...  I wonder...
A      D/F#  F  G


Asus2   Fsus2   Gsus2   Fsus2 Gsus2
Asus2   Fsus2   Gsus2   Fsus2 Gsus2
G#sus2  F#sus2 G#sus2 F#sus2
F#dim/A        G#dim  

[middle 3]

Esus2  D#sus2    Esus2   D#sus2
And if sometimes I can't seem to talk
Esus2  D#sus2    Esus2    D#sus2
You'll know this blackboard lacks
Esus2           Gsus2    G#sus2
A piece of chalk

Fsus2           Gsus2
Don't box me in
Gsus2 G#sus2 
I told you not to
Don't box me in, let..


A       G  A      G  A      G

E       G A E     G A
A       D/F# F G
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