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Conor Oberst - Sugar Street - аккорды и текст, видео

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Conor Oberst - Sugar Street - аккорды и текст, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Sugar Street
Conor Oberst
Record store day, released on 9th of December 2014
Chordified by THE ORAL POETS:

A                                             Bm
How the hell is everything Since I've been away
D                                             A
Is the weather any better? Did the landlord fix the drain?
A                                             Bm
Did Louie sell his paintings? Did Kevin quit his job?
D                                             A
Will you tell him that I love them and I miss y'all a lot
A                                             Bm
Thought about deserting Jumping on a plane the other day
D                                             A
It was just a fleeting feeling man I'm usually okay

A                                        Bm
When I'm holding conversations in a language I don't speak
D                                       A
And coughing on the radio and screaming in my sleep
A                                         Bm
I'm just tired of feeling tired Tired of getting drunk
D                                      A
Took a picture for the paper and they made me stand in front

A                                                Bm
But I shouldn't be complaining there's been people at the show

D                                                         A
I even saw the Eiffel tower in the souvenir snow globe
A                                                     Bm
There's just a couple more and then a day off in Amsterdam
D                                        A
I'm gonna check into a hotel get fixed up if I can

Bm               E                A                D
You know I promised I'd be careful With the company I keep
Bm                E        A               D                   E
And I hold myself together until I'm back on Sugar Street, Sugar Street

A                                        Bm
You start at the beginning and go on to the end
D                                       A
Sometimes a perfect stranger might end up your only friend
A                                    Bm
First you nod politely cause you're not that interested
D                                    A
Ask some abstract question like a bored psychiatrist

A                                          Bm
But then you get to talking about the plastic in the sea
D                                         A
The nightmare of their childhood and reality tv
A                                                    Bm
It starts to sound familiar like you're coming back to life
D                                    A
Make some observations start offering advice
A                                                    Bm
Always look in both directions when you go to cross the street
D                                                    A
And if you jump off any buildings make sure you land on your feet

 Bm                       E          A                 D
Oh promise you'll be careful With the sympathies you seek
Bm                      E         A                 D                E
Cause I know you feel better Once you're back on Sugar Street, Sugar Street

Bm                         E          A                 D
And Oh, I promise I'll be careful When I put myself to sleep
Bm                    E              A                   D                E
And I hope that I feel better Once I'm back on Sugar Street, ah Sugar Street
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